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The 5 Major Realities of My Second Trimester Pregnancy

I have really got to stop stuffing my face with chocolates and sweet stuff! Gah! Granted, I need to gain more weight but of course my doctor never told me to gain diabetes as well. The reason why I’m stressing out over eating chocolates because I have not taken the glucose tolerance test (GTT) yet. I don’t want to end up with gestational diabetes! Oh the pregnancy anxieties you encounter!

I had a preview of the glucose test before, because my endocrinologist made me take it during early pregnancy. I have mild hypothyroid issues therefore I am also being monitored by my endocrinologist. The test was not too bad, they give you a drink that tastes like non-carbonated Royal Tru Orange. Fortunately at that time the first trimester morning sickness did not hit me yet or else I surely would have thrown up all over the poor nurse’s feet. He patiently stood right in front of me for five minutes until I finished my drink, which I thought was weird! It’s as though he feared that I might pour the drink into a trash can if I wasn’t in his sight and lie about drinking the whole thing! Thankfully the results turned out to be normal, but from that point on, I happily indulged in sweets, so I don’t know where my sugar stands now.  Hay. Should I feel guilty for devouring a whole Crunch bar and two chocolate granola bars?!

Anyway I am here to share to you about the realities of my second trimester experience. I am now about 6 months pregnant. Books and humans have told us that the Second Trimester is the honeymoon period. It may be true for some, because the morning sickness dissipates by this time. Mine went away but not exactly on the start of the second trimester. My morning sickness tortured me for 15 weeks and it was only after that that I felt ready to eat and drink properly again. One of the signs that confirmed my goodbyes to morning sickness was that I was able to drink room temperature water and successfully hold it in. I was sooo happy when I made it! It was a good thing to because I lost weight during my first trimester and now I need to catch up!

So here it is–what second trimester for me feels like:


Baby movements range from cute flicks to exasperating blows. I read that the first movements you’ll ever feel are described as glorious things that you would find straight out from Pinterest: butterflies, popcorn, bubbles, and fishes. At this point for me, I was done with cute. There are times when I feel a tsunami in my tummy–a sure sign that my baby is preparing to launch a kick and punch attack which feels especially wonderful when she decides to do this at 2 o’clock in the morning. Finding the best sleeping position is a team effort with my baby. It has been said that lying on the left side is the best position for pregnant women particularly when the tummies are bigger, as it enables better blood circulation for both mom and baby. Oh but no, baby clearly doesn’t care about that! As soon as I lie on my left side, my baby drills her little foot indignantly onto the mattress. So I would switch from back sleeping and side sleeping all throughout the night! Gone were the days when baby movements only felt like bubbles popping. During those times, I wasn’t even sure if those were movements or just a gassy stomach. Speaking of which:


Before pregnancy, I would move to a respectful distance away from my hubby because I want my farts to remain a mystery. This second trimester however, I leapt over from the Fart Zero line to smack in the middle of never to return again! It’s like the awakening of RAMBO! Unfortunately for him, my hubby is the receiving end of my gas attacks. It’s a bit funny when he gets so angry being woken up with my fart bombs! Sorry hubby! It’s just a preggy thing!!!


Because of iron pills and pregnancy hormones that relaxes our digestive tract, we can expect to experience constipation starting second trimester. In my case, even drinking liters of water did not help. But what you can do is, inform your OB-Gyn so she can change your iron pills if your previous ones cause constipation. My OB-Gyn changed my brand to Multicare – Sorbifer Durules. I also found that drinking a mug of Enfamama Choco daily made it easier for me in the bathroom the next day. In desperate cases, the surefire remedy is a  glass of prune juice! It’s simply magic! I tried Sunsweet or Del Monte Prune Juice; both worked for me but I like the taste of Del Monte better.


I honestly had no idea that you are REQUIRED to gain weight. I’m so clueless! I guess I thought that pregnant people’s bodies are just more susceptible to weight gain because of— i don’t know—slower metabolism, hormones, etc…  Also, I hear many people always complaining about getting huge during pregnancy so I thought that they weren’t trying to gain a lot of weight on purpose, because why else would they complain as though they somehow managed to grow uncontrollably? So I was quite surprised when my OB-Gyn told me I’m supposed to eat, eat, eat and make myself gain at least 1-2 lbs a week! Which I don’t mind at all but I had no prior stock knowledge about this! If I knew, I would have started to eat extra food from the time my morning sickness was done! Argh! So far I’ve only gained 16 lbs from my original weight and I’ve a long way to go!!! I’ve no qualms about getting fat. I WANT to get fat! My baby NEEDS me to get fat! Somehow in my case, “eating for two” should apply. However, since everyone’s pregnancy bodies are different, it’s best to ask your OB-Gyn the appropriate weight gain target. You may need to gain bit more or less than mine, depends on  your original weight. I made a simple weight monitoring chart which you can download here; you can just edit the dates to suit yours 🙂


As you can see, there’s no escaping frequent peeing. Pregnant people are required to consume LOTS of water as our body demands fluids. Lack of the required amount of water can result in unwanted issues such as dehydration, contractions, and constipation (which, believe me, is true because I experienced all of the above!) My OB wants me to drink 2-4 Liters a Day! Furthermore, as our baby gains a mind of their own, they start to use our bladder as their personal trampoline. Or at least, mine does. I can shift from zero feeling of peeing to instant rush-to-the-toilet sensation just because my adorable baby decided to poke my bladder. Expect to wake up many times during the night to use the loo!

So there you go. Those are the major things that I experienced during my second trimester. Would I say that this is the “honeymoon period?” I have yet to go through the third trimester, so I shall wait before I can make the best conclusion based from my experience. One thing is for sure, I most definitely 100% PREFER the second trimester to my first trimester all day sickness, at any given time!

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