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Congenital Anomaly Scan at St Lukes BGC

I had my congenital anomaly scan (CAS) a couple of days ago at St Lukes BGC. I was 23 weeks, 2 days.

A Congenital Anomaly Scan is like a more detailed abdominal ultrasound of baby to check for well, anomalies! This takes about 20-30 minutes so you get to see your baby a little bit more compared to your regular check ups. Isn’t that exciting? But I was also a bit nervous because worrywart first-time-mom brain kicks in, so I sent up extra long prayers for findings of a normal, healthy baby girl!

My baby was kicking around the whole procedure but fortunately my OB Perinatologist was able to go through all the parts properly. She measured and checked baby’s brain, spinal cord, all the other bones, stomach, heart, blood flow, my placenta, among others. This is also where mommies would usually find out for sure about the gender; however we already had an idea from a previous regular ultrasound and we already knew it’s a beautiful baby girl! Confirmed 200% during CAS!

I was glad to have an OB with a specialization is Maternal-Fetal Medicine as she was extremely thorough. There’s just a wee bit concern about the baby having a low-normal weight inside my tummy– possibly caused by a blood flow that’s too high because of my immune system being a bit too strong (I’m sorry, I space out during medical terms so I can’t explain it properly) so I was just prescribed aspilets in order to make this blood flow easier and to prevent pre-eclampsia as well. I was also advised to eat a lot more meat. In short, I need to gain a LOT more weight so the baby gains weight as well!

Overall, I’m happy and thankful to say that the bottomline results were written as “No Gross Fetal Anomalies Appreciated in This Scan”.

For those who are wondering how much to get a CAS at St Lukes BGC, my bill for the Congenital Anomaly Scan procedure was Php 2,997.96, plus the PF of my Perinatologist (1K).

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