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My Ectopic Pregnancy Experience

*** Note: The top photo is my OB’s illustration of my uterus, explaining the operation technique that was done to me

I think this is a very important and under-discussed topic due to the rarity of the condition, so this deserves to be shared. Six months ago, I discovered the most dreadful thing that you could ever find out after months of trying to have a baby: I had an ectopic pregnancy. I found out about this on my third ultrasound, and I was already running 10 weeks that time. The first ultrasound showed a “pseudo-sac” and the second ultrasound showed nothing, and my OB chalked it up to blighted ovum, in other words, “bugok” in tagalog. She said I’ll just wait to miscarriage naturally. I was lightly bleeding for weeks and I really felt very uncomfortable about it. There was even this one time, I couldn’t forget, I bled so bad that I felt like I was in one of those movies where a pregnant woman gets punched in the stomach by somebody’s wife and next thing you knew, she was screaming, “Aaaaah my babyyyy!!!” and blood was running down her legs. Oops, sorry for the gory details. ANYWAY I was plain scared that time.

Going back to the day my sonologist discovered this, I was in Makati Med that time. He poked and prodded inside and saw something vascular growing at a place where it has no business of growing and announced it as a cornual ectopic pregnancy.

Get this… Ectopic pregnancies happen in 1-2.5% of all pregnancies.  As if that’s not rare enough, my TYPE of ectopic pregnancy accounts in 1 to 3% of all ectopic pregnancies. What in the world happened?! So I asked God, “Lord, bakit ganun, mas may chance po ako manalo ng lottery! Sana lotto nalang po!” I could only imagine that His response would be to boink me over the head and tell me to keep on dreaming!

Kidding aside, ectopic pregnancies are actually no laughing matter. I was scheduled for an operation immediately the next day. Now I don’t need to tell you that I practically scared a nurse as I was bawling so loudly at the prospect of getting sliced, but yeah it was not one of my happiest moments. One of my tubes was taken out, and a portion of my uterus was shaved off. Six months after, I feel pretty recovered and my doctors said that I can try again soon.

I guess I can share my journey here. I’m also wondering if there are anyone else out there who has experienced something similar to me? I would love to hear success stories! Perhaps you managed to have five to eight kids after a cornual ectopic; that would be such a confidence booster! Or, even just one or two would do! If you’re also going through the same thing, I’d also love to share experiences with you.

Some things you might want to look out for that may be signs of ectopic pregnancy based on my experience:

  • Light brownish, continuous bleeding
  • Pseudo-gestational sac on your ultrasound
  • Pains on the sides of your tummy
  • Beta HCG blood tests are falling or not rising very much

I hope you’ll never have to experience such a thing but just in case you experience these symptoms, better inform your sonologist to poke her ultrasound stick at each and every corner of your insides, even at the rare spots,  just to make sure!

Tomorrow, I’m going to have a procedure called Saline Infusion Sonohysterography. Something I would describe as a Transv Ultrasound Extreme! My OB wants to have a better look at my insides, see if they’re baby-ready. Will make a post about this too. Hopefully it’ll be a breeze!

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