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First Trimester Experience

It was around November of last year when I finally got the BFP (Big Fat Positive) on my pregnancy strip test. We were trying for about a year without the help of ovulation tests because I wanted everything to feel all natural and not something I want to schedule in my To-Do-List. Since the “spontaneous” way was not working at all, I felt it was time to use ovulation tests which I talked about here, and finally, it worked! Nevertheless, I was not expecting it so soon. I even enrolled myself in yoga intending to start on December, however I never got to use it as it wasn’t prenatal yoga, and it was non-transferable (BOO!) so I wasted a a month’s worth of classes down the drain!

Anyway, that’s all water under the bridge because I had more important matters to think about, which was being pregnant! Because of a history of my previous pregnancy that did not push through, I wanted to be more cautious this time, and I am not kidding. This perfectly illustrates my transition from the day I discovered that I was positive:


Now, there are things that you look forward to your first pregnancy like the first heartbeat of your baby and announcing the wonderful news to your closest family and friends. However, there are also several happenings within  your body that may leave you feeling the least bit thrilled about it and it’s totally normal! So if I may, I would just like to share some of the things that nobody told me about during the First Trimester:

The Dreaded Morning Sickness

I used to think vomiting because of pregnancy is different from your usual food-poisoning-made-me-sick experience. But NOOO, it’s all the same nausea, the same sick feeling in the stomach. Apparently, the whole “morning sickness” term is a Big. Fat. Lie. It’s for the WHOLE DAMN DAY and the bathroom sink became my instant best friend for more than three months.

I went through horrible FOOD AVERSION. I couldn’t even think of food. All of a sudden, chicken is my worst enemy! Also, you know how they tell you, drink lots of fluids? I could only dream. Water was disgusting to me so I sucked on ice for months. I tried sips of Coca Cola, juice packs, milk, just to get some fluids in. At that time, I could only tolerate iced cold Coca Cola which wasn’t really the best for my baby so I tried to limit it to a glass a day. I probably drank only a total of 2 cups of water a day throughout my first trimester… I’m sorry, early developing baby, your mommy really had a hard time with this! I hope you were able to squeeze out every drip of whatever you needed from my body which is what the internet keeps on telling us that you do anyway.

Weird Aches and Pains

My uterus was stretching so I had these shooting aches and pains from left side and right side. I witnessed my mom’s pregnancy three times and she never seemed to complained about a painful tummy!

Gross Discharge 

It felt like there was a broken faucet down there going a drip-drip-drip all throughout the day. I never had so many underwear changes as I did during the First Trimester. I was never informed about this! I just thought, Yay no period for nine months! In all fairness, it’s nice that I don’t have to feel period pains along with the wet stuff.


Hel-lo pimples! Suddenly my forehead decided to cultivate some nasty zits which got me thinking, “Hey, since my body is making me look ugly, perhaps my child will be a boy?” Since there’s that saying that if you look hot during your pregnancy, your child will be a girl, and if you start getting dark lines around your neck and your face because all gross, then most likely your child will be a boy.

That Pregnancy Smell

It’s a bit hard to describe but I felt like I smell really funny at times, almost like there’s a certain pregnancy stench around me and I just want to lock myself up in my room and be a recluse until I give birth to my baby. Or maybe that’s just me.

So there you go… the perks of being pregnant so that you have a bit of an idea of what to expect! Remember though, every pregnancy is different and I believe it now. Your experience can be totally different from mine. You may probably be one of those annoying ones who do not even know the meaning of morning sickness!

Later on, I will be sharing a couple of tips about pregnancy when I’ve experienced most of it already. I am not done yet because we still have second trimester in my next post!

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