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Easy and Convenient Delivery with Grabexpress

At this stage of pregnancy, I am instructed by my OB-Gyn to be in bed rest or house arrest. Oh how I wished I have a personal messenger to do my errands for me!!! Suddenly, one after another, things began popping up such as family errands, work related errands, etc… sometimes what should be my errand becomes my husband’s errand because I’m supposed to be stuck in the house. My husband does not mind errands but he has this number one pet peeve ever since we met 10 years ago — he absolutely is allergic to traffic… he HATES driving through traffic to the very core of his being. I don’t really mind driving, but lately, the situation in Makati/BGC/Ortigas area has really worsened, so I get it. I have some friends who just recently vacated their condominium because what was supposed to be a 3-minute drive away from their condominium to their work in BGC became an HOUR away. Crazy right!?!

Anyway, for errands that involve same day pick-ups and delivery, it’s a great thing that we discovered Grabexpress!!! Lately someone delivered a document to my house via Grabexpress and I was amazed at how fast I received it. So when we needed to pick up something naman, we tried this feature in the Grab app, and it was so awesome! You see, we live in the South and we needed to pick up our 3D/4D Cd’s from World of My Baby in Podium. I wanted to see the photos and videos of my baby ASAP; however, the day it became available for pick up, I had a schedule for a check-up at Asian Hospital. So we saw this chance to use Grabexpress! It was so easy! All I had to do was book the pick up through Grabexpress and the app immediately found a rider who is willing to travel from Podium to our village in the south. I called the Grabexpress rider and asked him to pick up our package at the World of My Baby Podium and if it is okay that I will pay him and his parking fee at our house once he delivers the package, and he agreed. I then called World of My Baby and told them the name of the Grabexpress rider who will pick up the package.

In just an hour, the package was delivered to our house, and I was able to go to my check up that day! We paid a total of Php 350 including the parking fee of the rider; he even provided us a receipt of his parking fee.

I loved the fact that we saved a lot of time and energy using this feature. Imagine, it would have taken us about 1 and a half hour to go to Podium and another one back, plus we would have spent money on toll fees, gas, and parking.

I highly recommend the Grabexpress feature for their fast service and delivery. I wish they would deploy more riders here in the south though! I tried to find riders to get some documents delivered from the south area (Paranaque/Las Pinas/Alabang) to Manila, but there were none, or somewhere far away. So please put more riders here! Thank you!

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