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A Life Lesson Over a Broken Tooth

This, my friends, is the result of my procrastination. Two years ago, I went for a dental appointment because of pain at the area of my tooth where I had a root canal done a long time ago. After an x-ray, my dentist declared that my lone jacket crown should be replaced.

Because the crown replacement would take multiple sessions to finish and truth be told I love getting teeth work done as much as I love getting clawed by angry cats—I put off going on another appointment and as the pain subsided I eventually forgot about it.

Until one day, as I was chewing on a piece of Bugong chicken for dinner, I felt something marble-like against my tongue and I spat it out. At that moment, the following thoughts flew into my head in succession. The first was, “Yak! Did I just chew on a STRANGER’S tooth?!” The second thought was, “Yikes, it’s mine!” (a bit of relief—it’s gross enough as it is)

I realized it was my crown. MY CROWN BROKE OFF! I have now a broken stump of a tooth where a “molar” should have been. Thank God hindi ko nalunok that would have been another horror story!

After a trip to my dentist, I was evaluated that since I conveniently waited till I got pregnant to have the job done and I definitely cannot have an X-Ray, I have to wait until after I give birth to do anything about my broken tooth. Said dentist mentioned it may also need to be pulled out if they find that it’s hopeless beyond repair. Huwag naman sana. I’m a scaredy cat with this ~SOB!!~ Apparently I waited too long that my jacket crown sunk too low within my gums, and then part of my gums “jackhammered” through a portion of my crown causing it to break.

My dentist also noticed some redness in parts of my gums and diagnosed me with pregnancy gingivitis. This is quite common in pregnant women because the baby sucks out all the mommy’s nutrients (Go on take everything you need from me and more my precious little parasite, I mean, baby!) and in effect, we get more sensitive gums that bleed easily whenever we brush our teeth.

As treatment, I was prescribed Colgate Perioguard, an anti-microbial oral rinse that especially treats gingivitis or inflammation of the gums. I’m supposed to gargle once a day every week (but pause for 3 days before continuing to another week as there is a certain component that may stain the teeth). Perioguard is distributed exclusively by dentists so you won’t find it in the shopping mall but there is another brand that you can buy in any Watsons pharmacy as an alternative to Perioguard, which is Orahex.

Such is life. Lesson learned. Get all bodily repairs out of the way before getting pregnant!

By the way, if you’re the type who’s jittery when getting serious dental work done like moi, I highly recommend my dentist. I’ve gone through several fillings and even wisdom tooth surgery with Dr. Mike Suarez and my latest check up was done by his wife, Dr. Jessica Suarez. They are, hands down, the nicest dentists that I’ve ever encountered and I keep coming back to this same clinic because they’re so maalaga and not the least bit scary. They won’t overcharge you and they’re also affiliated with several HMO’s like Maxicare (just ask them if they are affiliated with yours!) Thanks to my friend Nikki for referring them to me!

Clinic Details:

Dr. Michael Suarez & Dr. Jessica Suarez

Unit 1420, City Land Herrera Tower, V A Rufino Street Corner Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati

Tel: (02) 753-1368

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