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My Birth Story

The birth of my baby is EXTRA EXTRA SPECIAL because she is my rainbow baby after all, a baby born after a previous miscarriage or loss. As I mentioned before, my first pregnancy was a rare ectopic and as a result this pregnancy was a high risk one. It took us two years to finally conceive successfully.

My due date was supposed to be July 25, 2016. I knew all along I will be giving birth via C-Section, so I know that it’ll be scheduled between my 37th-38th week. My OB was pushing for 38th week so that the baby will be better developed. But of course, my baby had other plans.

My contractions were getting stronger as weeks went by. On my 36th week appointment, my OB took one look at the Stress Test report and told me frankly that giving birth sooner would yield a more desirable result than risking a rupture. She noted my baby’s birth weight and said I can give birth the next day. Wow! I was not ready, to say the least! She assured me that since I already had some steroid shots to help mature my baby’s lungs, my baby would most likely do well.

After the appointment, we went home, I called my equally surprised mom to tell her the news, packed our stuff, and drove off to the hospital. I can’t believe this baby. She’s been so excited to come out since the second trimester–I could tell because I was having contractions as early as 16 weeks… and now she finally got her wish! Hmmm was it a a foreshadowing that she’ll be a handful?

The next day, baby girl was welcomed into the world via C-Section at St. Lukes Global City! The first thing I looked at was her hair. Was it CURLY like mine? Hala, it was! Oh no… rebonding sessions galore in the future! It felt unreal. I thought she was beautiful, the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen!


(1 Samuel 1:27-28)  I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.

I was nervous about my C-Section as I knew I’ll be awake during the whole procedure. The spinal anesthetic needle was painful ha! Hawak ko si sa kamay si Dra… but mabilis lang naman siya. I felt my legs become heavy until I couldn’t feel anything anymore. The surgery itself was painless, but I felt uncomfortable because the anesthesia spread up to my chest and I felt that there was something heavy on my chest. I was prepared with that feeling because I must have googled ‘what to expect during a C-Section’ a million times before, but I was still anxious the whole time. It was a good thing the hospital allows the husband to be inside the operating room. He was able to take some photos of our baby and my open surgery… which I to this day  do not want to look at!

unang yakap

unang yakap

The worst bit about my C-Section was the side effect of the anesthesia. The moment I woke up in the recovery room–I think I was wheeled there at around 3:00 PM–the ceiling was spinning and I threw up into a kidney shaped basin. I did this probably fifty times and felt better only at around midnight. I had been warned by my anesthesiologist: If you’re the type who gets motion sickness inside moving vehicles, you’re most likely to get nauseated from the spinal anesthesia.

Other than that, everything during my stay at St. Lukes BGC, was a breeze. We decided to avail the Great Expectation Delivery Package which requires getting the Semi-Private Room. I heard that there’s a big chance that you won’t have anyone with you in the room and luckily for us, we had the whole room to ourselves. The only downside was, they don’t allow you to use the other bed. *Sniff!* So my hubby brought a sleeping bag. Small sacrifice to pay because we saved about a whopping Php 70,000 for choosing the package. BEST IDEA EVER!


The services were still great, my baby was roomed in immediately with me. We had round-the-clock nurses, one for me and one for the baby, and they were easily on call. We felt quite spoiled even!

I was up and about the third day from my surgery.

Below is the Lactation Unit where we were advised to bring our babies in so that they can experience some Vitamin D. My baby, being born 36 Weeks Old as per AOG, had mild jaundice, so she needed to sunbathe for about 15 Minutes per side. There were a few babies there and they looked so cute together!

I noticed that only Daddies were the only ones in that room making sure that the babies got their sun. I suppose the other Mommies were recovering nicely in their rooms.


Overall, I recommend giving birth at St. Lukes Bonifacio Global City. Their services were worth it and the staff were wonderful!

Special thanks to my OB-Gyne, Dr. Valerie Guinto, for taking care of me during my pregnancy.

Even with one fallopian tube and a scarred uterus, I was able to have a successful pregnancy by the grace of God.

Now that pregnancy is out of the way… here comes the harder, but more fulfilling part… MOMMYHOOD!

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