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Printable Money Envelopes

I found this photo above from Facebook and it’s just too cute not to share LOL. I have so much inaanaks than I can count on my fingers! Can I  just give all of you a BIG hug and a kiss for my Christmas gift?! Haha! Kidding. I like to give gifts… I just wish I have a lot of money to buy presents for everyone I know!

This Christmas is a wee bit different. It’s my first time to celebrate with my baby girl, who seem to think that turning 5 months old gives her the license to transform into Little Miss Don’t-You-Dare-Leave-My-Side-For-Five-Minutes. So wherever we go, she goes with us. Although I love to bring her and have her explore new places, my shopping time gets cut in half when she suddenly decides she’s hungry, sleepy, or just wants to wriggle out of her carrier or stroller (and screaming till we pop her out of ’em). Guess I won’t be able to buy too many presents this year! *sniffle* *sniffle*

Good thing the inaanaks like cash as an alternative to gifts! For those of you who give cash and forgot to buy some money envelopes, I found these useful printable blank templates from this website:  My Frugal Home.  I love blank templates as I can choose to design them the way I like, and Voilà! Instant envelopes with style!

Here are some of the samples that I made for personal use. To download the templates, just click and the PDF should automatically be downloaded to your PC.


Graphics used are from online. Image credits goes to:

Birkin inspired money envelope from this Lego Birkin here

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