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Ovatel and Ovulation Sticks

Raise your hand if you’re married, thirty years old or above, trying to get pregnant, and SICK of people asking why you don’t have a baby yet?!

I’m sure there are plenty of us out here. Alright for the benefit of everyone out there, if you’re not particularly close to a person that matches the description above, do NOT bombard her with stuff like, “Hoy, mag-anak ka na, trenta ka na” or “May laman na ba?”

I understand that it’s getting quite to be a staple question and I guess I don’t mind you asking if you’re my friend or a close relative. I can always explain to you that we’ve been trying yes, but I’ve had an ectopic pregnancy before so I wasn’t allowed to get pregnant for a year, etc. Although, almost instantly when this happens, the air becomes a bit uncomfortable and the person sort of regrets asking. BUT, I can’t always explain this to every single person.

Another thing is, the  person you might be asking might not want to share her personal details on why it’s become difficult to conceive. So, if you will absolutely keel over if you do not ask, just ask ONCE. No more follow up unsolicited advice and questions, unless the person who is trying to get pregnant wants to prolong the topic and openly discuss her situation.

I don’t mind sharing my TTC story because there may be women experiencing the same things and hopefully, might find a bit of useful things here.

Last year, we’ve sort of been trying. My OB had given us a go signal to try and I decided that I wanted to try naturally again, without the help of medications.

For several months, we used the calendar app method. No such luck. Then My awesome OB recommended me to buy Ovatel, which is a really neat microscope-like device that detects your fertile period through your saliva. I think it’s about Php 1,800 from Mercury drugstore. If it ferns, it means that you are ovulating. Now sometimes the images vary per women ovulating, as I found out after two months of usage. I needed to know how my ferns look like when I am ovulating so I decided to use it alongside ovulation sticks. Ovulation sticks are also accurate, however you’ll need to buy at least seven sticks to track your ovulation, whereas with Ovatel, it’s just a one time purchase and then unlimited use so it saves more money.

Armed with both an ovatel and ovulation sticks I was able to determine how my ferns look like and it turns out that even though it showed a few ferns I was already ovulating! So I most likely missed this before; I thought I wasn’t ovulating yet but I was! That way, I would be able to better identify my ovulation date the following month through ovatel alone.

I did not get the chance to try it again the following month because my prayers have been answered! I got pregnant!

I am now currently 20 weeks along. I’ll be sharing my first trimester to second trimester experience soon!

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6 Responses to Ovatel and Ovulation Sticks

  1. Khaye Blanco says:

    Hello thanks for sharing your story, i have irregular period kasi then i have my 1st born 7yo girl na, since irregular period diko ma track yung fertility period ko. How frequent ko sya kailangan i test para malaman kong fertile period/stage na ako? Daily ba if yes before contact lang ba sya para accurate. Thanks a lot.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Khaye! I usually tracked mine daily around 5 days after ko magka-period. But with yours since irregular ka, try mo rin daily after your period para lang may idea ka when ka nagiging fertile. Siguro better din to check with your OB para meron siya bigay na pang pa-regular sayo. 🙂

  3. Jesi says:

    Thanks for sharing.. I have polycystic ovaries. My eldest is already 13 and really looking forward sa 2nd baby.. Someone told me about ovatel thats how i crossed ur blog.. Somehow ur blog convinced me to buy ovatel sa mercury drugstore. Hoping na magwork ang ovatel sa akin..I am also taking supplement like DIM (Diindolylmethane).. Looking forward sa positive result ng ovatel..

  4. admin says:

    Hi Jesi! Yes ovatel would at least help you determine when you are ovulating 🙂 It was recommended by an OB-Gyne. Happy TTC and hope you get positive results as well!

  5. Kurt says:

    San po pwede mkabili ng ovatel?

  6. Jean says:

    Hi sorry for the late reply! You can buy at mercury drug.