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Third Trimester Home Streeeeetch!

Hooray, I survived the Third Trimester! Okay, just want to say I gave birth already and I was too lazy to post about my Third Trimester during those times. Well, they were Hard Times. Haha! I am only half joking. I will of course share my birth story but because I am feeling a bit OC and I have already posted about my First and Second Trimester before, this is my pahabol post about my Third.

I have to admit it was not the easiest last three months for me. I dreaded EVERY NIGHT where I would need to find a decent sleeping position, and there were none! I had five pillows and even a maternity pillow but nothing helped! The most comfortable position was sleeping on my left side but my baby would never fail to make herself known that she does NOT fancy this position at all. She’d kick me till I turn on my back. But if you have a humongous tummy, sleeping on your back is horrible too! So my baby and I would have a silent argument about this matter every single night.

Just want to share the top things I remember during the last stretch of my pregnancy:

  1. I was feeling so huge and every movement was a chore, and I was dragging my lazy butt everywhere. Too lazy to post here even!
  2. My baby was a mighty kickboxer. By the time third trimester came, she would wake up in my tummy at approximately 1:00 am and do MMA-worthy movements until 4:30am.
  3. On the bright side, I was thinking, this is quite a preview for the sleep deprivation when she comes out (I was wrong. I underestimated the sleep deprivation part)
  4. DO put a small seat in the shower. It helped me a lot to shower while sitting down.
  5. I felt breathless all the time because my lungs felt it had little space. At night, I would sleep sitting up.
  6. It did feel like the looongest trimester. Each week was a milestone!
  7. My weight plateaued. I was not sure if it was because I can’t eat too much anymore because of smaller stomach space, or if my baby was getting all the weight. Perhaps both! I gained about 30 lbs which was the ideal pregnancy weight, so I was not worried.
  8. To my dismay, even my oversized (but non-maternity) clothes did not fit me anymore. Luckily my mom bought me some maternity clothes.
  9. This was also the time I bought loads of Granny underwear! I anticipated to wear a lot of these after my C-Section as regular undies will hit the scar. These are ultra comfortable!
  10. DO buy your baby stuff during the Second Trimester. I put things off to go shopping during Third Trimester and I ended up buying mostly things online. I was so exhausted all the time during the Third Trimester and I cannot even walk for five minutes without going out of breath!

Alright, if I were to look back and change things around before my pregnancy, I would have probably prepared by doing a ton of exercises so that I would have entered pregnancy at my fittest and strongest (Yeah right! Let’s see if I’ll actually do this on my second pregnancy which should be after three years if God permits).

However, each pregnancy is different and most likely your experience would be better. It was due to my being high risk because of a previous surgery that I was on bed rest most of the time and I wasn’t able to enjoy my pregnancy as I should have had. I’m a worrywart and I spent a lot of time curled in bed either posting my anxieties at Babycenter, or reading angst-ridden confessions under (don’t do what I do! and Google is a dangerous place to be during worrying times!)

If you’re a pregnant mommy now and having a difficult time during your Third Trimester, know that it’ll be over soon and trust me, the aches and pains, heaviness and breathlessness, those will all be gone with the wind as soon as your OB-Gyne announces “Baby Out!”

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