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Transv Ultrasound Extreme

At least, that’s how I would describe it from the results derived from google on the procedure of Saline Infusion Sonohysterography. It sounds more powerful and less intimidating for me that way. Never mind that my OB told me that one of her patients fainted from the procedure. I felt quite proud of myself for lessening my cyberchondriac tendecies. Instead of searching for mostly horrible experiences that patients go through, I purposely looked for more positive reviews of patients, and lots of them said it was quite nothing! Painless! Although, I was prescribed antibiotics starting two days before the procedure, Arcoxia one hour before the procedure, Ibuprofen 30 mins before the procedure and Mefenamic Acid after the procedure. These are mostly pain medications which made me a teeny bit queasy — really? Are 3 different kinds of pain medications all that necessary???

But, I can’t do anything about it anyway, so on with the procedure.

Inside the ultrasound room, I donned their floral gown and was prepped for the transv ultrasound extreme. I called my hubby to come with me because as per the nurse, the doctor prefers that I have company during the procedure, which I shall find out later on why.

By the way I have learned the hard way never to go to a hospital wearing thin clothes especially for examinations like these. Bring a jacket every single time! You don’t need to shiver senselessly on top of your anxiety.

So anyhoo, they did the basic transv thing to look for my uterus which was a piece of cake. Then they shone a spotlight on my hoo-ha and said they’ll be starting the procedure. The doctor said I will just feel discomfort. I just love how the doctor uses discomfort to mean a lot of things! Like for this instance, the first step felt just like a regular papsmear. So this discomfort felt like nothing. Just cold down there!

Then second step was the insertion of the catheter. The doctor stated again that I will feel discomfort when they blow up the balloon inside. Well they did, and this time this discomfort felt like the mother of all menstrual cramps! OMG! I squeezed my hubby’s hand from the crampy pain (oh… so that’s the purpose of bringing in the company!)

Fortunately for me, I was no stranger to this feeling but usually I can roll around in pain on my bed clutching a heating pad to my tummy and trying to distract myself from the pain. This time, I had to lie down, be still, and I had nothing else to do but mind control the pain to go away.

The next step is to insert the Transv wand again and then the saline solution. The saline solution added a tiny but more to the crampy pain, but at this point, you kind of have gotten used to the pain and a little more didn’t really make a difference. After poking around again, it was done. Balloon was popped, catheter out. Feeling of relief, like an “I survived my transv extreme” kind of relief.

The whole thing took approximately 10-15 minutes. It wasn’t a traumatic experience, but not a totally painless one either. If you’re somebody who’s used to bad menstrual cramps like I am, you can totally take it. But if you’re the type of person who annoyingly does not feel anything when they get their period; well I suggest do not skip on your pain meds!

Hope this helps you. If you’ll be undergoing this procedure too, don’t hesitate to ask me anything to quell your anxiety!

Oh for the results. All was normal (Thank God) left tube is clear! Yay!

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