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Staycation at Laiya Coco Grove

A few days into 2017, we went beachin’ at Laiya Coco Grove. This is my second time here. The first one was a long time ago with my hubby (we weren’t married yet back then) and our friends! Whew. That was years ago. All I remember back then was we had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows and had a great time.

This time around, we were with our relatives and of course, a baby. Though I think the trip was more for the baby than me. I know, she won’t remember anything when she grows up, but we just can’t get enough baby photos!

I’ve forgotten that the place had A LOT of coconut trees! Hence, the name.


Our family stayed in the cabin rooms. There were two kinds of cabin rooms, a Standard Cabin and a Couple Cabin. They were the most affordable of the rooms, because they don’t require you to avail the lunch and dinner buffet (P800 per head) but it does come with breakfast. The catch is, you’ll have to share the rest rooms with everyone else staying in the cabin rooms! It was alright for us because our relatives occupied half of the cabin rooms. The rest rooms have three shower stalls and toilets. As the Laiya Coco Grove website says, it’s good for backpackers who want a quick stay. Personally, I didn’t mind the common toilet and baths if I would check in on a weekday. Our first night was a weekday and there was barely anyone else checked in the cabin rooms so we had the bathrooms all to ourselves. However, I would not stay there during weekends where the place would be packed and the bathrooms would be messier.


Below is the Standard Cabin. This is good for 4 people and costs about Php 4,000 per night. You can also avail of a maximum of 1 extra bed (which is just a mattress) for about Php 900.

We stayed in the Couple Cabin which was a bit smaller and has one bed with a pull out. For a little more than Php 2,000 per night, it’s great for those on a budget.


Laiya Coco Grove also has their own swimming pool with a lifeguard. Of course, never leave your children unattended anyway. A guest family beside us had a bit of a scare when their child, about four years old, slipped in the shallow part of the pool and couldn’t seem to get up and he was spluttering but you wouldn’t be able to know he was on the verge of drowning as he wasn’t making any noise. Good thing his attentive parents saw that he was struggling and the dad got to him immediately! The lifeguard at the time had not arrived yet.


The resort has a spacious dining area overlooking the beach. The breakfast buffet is great! Although, I think the dinner buffet menu could use some improvement. If you don’t avail of the full board meals, you can still pay for a buffet anytime or order from their restaurant menu, or go out and explore other food options. There’s a simple lutong bahay restaurant outside the resort which serves bulalo, lomi, and sisig. Otherwise some restaurants may be a bit of a drive away.


It also has two beaches, one is their Main Resort, where we stayed in, and the other one is the White Beach Extension. Their White Beach extension is a lot nicer and the resort provides a shuttle ride to get there. It’s approximately a 2 minute drive away.

Below is the beach of their Main Resort. Nice view but not as nice to swim in! It’s too rocky for me.


Of course, the baby needs to experience a little dip by the beach for the first time. Haha! She wasn’t impressed. The chilly water must have shocked her toes.


The next two photos below is taken on their White Beach Extension. Do you see the difference? The shore is longer and the sand is lighter and smoother. This is where most of the guests go to swim.



Can’t help but have some fun with our little one!


The cheeky little tindera at the resort’s mini grocery store. Pabili po!


*** Don’t worry, we didn’t sit our six month old teetering over the edge by herself. I was holding her and just edited myself out. Perhaps in the future I can fool her into thinking she was alone in the shots teehee! ***

Overall here are some of the things that I noted from our stay:


√ Good location, the resort is easy to find. The Adventure Park is also very near the resort for both adults and kids to enjoy

√ Activities and amenities such as table tennis, billiards, trampoline, playground, camping, and kayaking are available.

√ They have a little store within their resort where you can buy chips, toiletries, and slippers. It’s nice because they don’t seem to overcharge their products. The husband broke his slippers and had to buy a pair there for Php 130. I imagine some other resort would have charged double because the malls are faraway from the resort.

√ They have a shuttle to go to their White Beach Extension.

√ Their breakfast buffet is pretty good.

√ They have their own pool with a lifeguard.

√ The staff are kind and accommodating. They let me borrow a basin so that I can give my baby a bath.

√ You can check in as early as 6:00 am as long as the room is available.


√ The main beach doesn’t look too inviting to swim in. The White Beach Extension is great but it would be nice to check in a resort where you can just walk out of your room and immediately jump in the water.

√ The dinner buffet choices aren’t that great IMO

√ You can’t bring your own food; there’s a corkage fee. You can bring your own water and chips though.


√ If you’re on a budget, cabin rooms are fine, but better to check in on a weekday so you won’t be sharing the common toilet and baths with a lot of people.

√ Bring mosquito repellent! If you have a baby, you can also bring a small mosquito net. I spent a lot of time killing mosquitoes in our room.

√ Try to include the Adventure Park in your itinerary, since it’s very near Laiya Coco Grove.

√ Manage your expectations, don’t expect high end facilities as it’s a mid-end resort and the rooms are pretty average looking. If you’re a nature lover, you may love it here!

Should we have the chance to go back, I’d definitely try the tree house. Imagine having coffee outside the balcony with a huge open view of the sea… Sigh!


Aren’t we all extremely lucky to be just a drive away from all these beaches? Indeed, #itsmorefuninthephilippines !


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