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Welcome to the Christian World Allie!

As I stare at my baby in wonder for the nth time, I can’t even imagine life without her. She is God’s greatest gift to me (aside from my hubby–naks! just in case he reads this) and I never fail to realize how lucky I am to have been able to conceive, successfully give birth, and now have the most adorable baby girl to raise! I am so excited to be with her for all the major and minor events of her life!

One of the first celebrations that moms will encounter is the christening of their baby. It was an honor to celebrate it with our closest relatives and friends, and we meticulously chose our Ninongs and Ninangs so that they would be someone that Allie can bond with and look up to, even when she grows up.

The baptism was held at the Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish. I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled that Allie was on her best behavior. She hardly fussed at all, she listened and smiled at the priest during the ceremony, and just won everyone’s hearts! She didn’t even cry when the priest bathed her head with holy water or anointed her head with the fragrant oil. You could tell from the photo that she was a bit startled though haha!

The reception followed right after the church ceremony. I’m leaving the details here in case you’ll be planning your LO’s baptism and have similar suppliers.

Reception: Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant at President’s Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque

We were choosing between Max’s Restaurant, Queensland Catering, and Conti’s BF Homes. We considered hiring Queensland Catering (you can download the rates and menu that they sent me by clicking here), and hold the reception at our house but we didn’t want to give the guests a hard time to find parking outside. They do have an events place at BF Resort but it is too far from our church. We settled on Conti’s because their prices are lower than Max’s, their location is closer to our church, and their food is delicious! They have valet parking as well.


Conti’s Set Menu Prices*

*note that these were quoted to me last month, but you can double check with them in case they update their rates contis-menu

We opted to customize our menu and were pleased that the quotation came out cheaper than their ready set menu prices.

Our Customized Set Menu Good for 70PAX @ Php 410.35//Head                                                               

5 Family Size                                       Mango Royale Salad

9 Family Size                                       Rellenong Bangus

3 Party/1Family  Size                       Chicken Pastel

4 Party Size                                          Barbequed Spareribs

3 Party Size                                          Angel Hair Puttanesca

6 Party Size                                          Steamed Rice

3 Regular                                              Moist Chocolate Cake

Stylist: Candice Vergel De Dios

One of my closest girlfriends is a natural event stylist. She has already styled several of her friends’ bridal shower parties (mine included!), birthday parties, you name it! She transformed that dull function room into a cheery rainbow-themed party place!



I initially wanted to have a professional studio photo shoot but being the kuripots that we were (I researched and baby photo shoots are about Php 5,000!!!), we just decided to spread a white furry blanket on the bed and have it done at home. It took 27 tries, and lots of singing and dancing just to get a proper photo of her smiling!

I still want a studio shoot as it would be nice to have photos of Allie in adorable costumes. If you can recommend one with better rates please comment below!

Cupcake Boxes: Love2Bake Co.


We bought from this food packaging supply shop because these are half the price compared to the cake shop’s. We don’t mind assembling the boxes and had our fabulous family helper pack the cupcakes in for us.We personalized each with a thank you note and used these as giveaways for our guests.

8″ Rainbow Cake and Giveaway Cupcakes: Aggy’s

We chose Aggy’s because of their yummy cupcakes and its accessibility to our party venue so it’s very convenient to pick up the orders on the way. Their rainbow cake is pretty good although I prefer Sonja’s. The icing on Aggy’s rainbow cake is more buttery, whereas Sonja’s tastes more marshmallow-y and I looove marshmallows!


Balloons: Barbie’s Balloons and Party Needs

All the balloons that you see from the photos are from this supplier. I found this supplier very easy to transact with. They were willing to work within our budget and are very responsive. We communicated everything via Facebook. They also sent me a confirmation that they have arrived at the venue so that they can set up and coordinate with our stylist. Check them out here!


Photographer: Krizelle Marie

She was referred by our friend and her rate fit our budget: Php 3,000 plus transportation expenses.

Overall, we loved how the event turned out. It was also the first time that Allie was able to see so many people in one room and she barely slept from all the excitement. No wonder the poor baby was knocked out by the time we got home. However, she sure enjoyed seeing everyone all at once! She was so happy that she forgot to be fussy haha!!!

Should you have any questions about anything or would like to share your own baptism experience, I’d love to hear from you!

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